Can You Join?

Can you join SoftwareBop? Absolutely! In fact, that is the reason for this site’s existence. We encourage you to join. If you are one who loves dabbling in the world of software at any level, the answer is that we would love to have you join. For others, it will not be long before we have this website where we want it to be. At that point, we will open it to membership so that you can take advantage of all we are going to put here. Ask yourself these three questions (below).

  1. Do you work with software as a webmaster?
  2. Do you enjoy dabbling in scripts but are not a developer?
  3. Do you love working with servers as an amateur?

If you answer yes to any or all of these questions we would love to have you join as soon as is reasonable. We don’t ask you to be full time here. All we would like is that you write articles concerning your experiences with the myriad pieces of software available on servers. Principally, those on Softaculous. We are making registration as easy as possible and by the time this day is out we will have installed, and running, an instance of BuddyPress and BBPress forum software.

We can’t make promises but we believe that there will be a lot of great stuff for you as we grow. Our intention, and what we are doing in the background, is contacting the developers at the different companies who create this software and asking them to participate, in whatever manner they think best, in this website.

We hope that you will consider giving a little of your time and becoming a member. No obligation and, certainly, no fees.

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