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May 15, 2017

softbop 2

Just installed this "e107" software from "Softaculous" today. Another one-click install. We are using e107 for this website because it is not only available for no cost on "Softaculous" but it also shows you the quality of the scripts available for free if you have server hosting.

(We recommend Namecheap hosting if you want to become a webmaster.)

If you are an advanced webmaster already we recommend VPS hosting I/O Zoom. We have used them for over a year and find them not just reasonable for their prices but extremely professional. Their VPS is available either self-managed or managed by them. Cpanel is available for an additional price.

As we work on the website we want you to know that is available for members to join in the next couple of days. We are all about software and what it is to use it from Softaculous one click install. We will be listing and giving opinions on the usefulness of all the software available on Softaculous with regard to its ease of use or its difficulty for non-developers like you and, for that matter, us. 

Please stay tuned as we build this out and you may subscribe whenever you feel want to. As a member, you will also be urged to write your own essay or treatise on the software you enjoy whether available from Softaculous or any Free-Open Source software which you find wonderful for who are not coders or developers. We feel that it is about time to make a website such as this for the reference for all of you out there who get lost in the variety of software on the market.

See you soon!


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