On most Linux servers is a cPanel. Versions are also called Plesk on some using Windows servers. Either way, there are Softaculous scripts available with one click install for a myriad of software. Softaculous sets up your installation, including your database, and all you need do is fill out the particulars such as site name and tagline plus username and password and whether your site is secured with SSL. Pretty darned simple as it saves editing permissions (chmod) and uploading FTP files and folders.

This website is about Softaculous and the many types of scripts available with one click install. One should bear in mind that not all scripts under delineated topics are equal. Some, such as WordPress, are fairly user-friendly while others are aimed at more experienced software users and require some amount of modification of code to look and function the way you want. We attempt to point you in the direction of your experience from beginning to a seasoned vet who knows html and php; at least, enough to get by.

This is our aim and it will require a number of members to get this started and running smoothly. Therefore, if you have worked with Softaculous and the scripts thereon you are welcome to join and participate with tips and tricks or recommendations. For others, you may join and learn by asking questions. Together we will make this the go-to website for software knowledge.