What We’re Doing Here

As it takes some time to get a website where it needs to be for users to understand what the endeavor is aimed at I want to spend a post or two letting you know what the main emphasis is going to be here.

I would like to start by discussing my thoughts about a couple of CMS candidates. The first is “Subrion” and the second “Drupal.”

  • Subrion.

Subrion is a CMS that is relatively easy for a non-coder to get up and running. The benefits of a CMS that is formulated the way Subrion is is that it is straight forward in the admin dashboard and it is wysiwyg controls. We will be placing screen shots of the admin control panels for each CMs as we build the site.

  • Drupal

The old and venerable Drupal CMS. Drupal is still a player and is very well supported. The docs for Drupal are extensive and well written but, and this is the “but” which we are stressing on SoftwareBop, pointed more towards coders than your typical webmaster who is trying to build a website. The Drupal themes (templates) as well as the Subrion, are many but few are free and the free ones are OK but don’t have the beauty inherent in the paid themes. It goes without saying that one gets what one pays for.

(note: Acquia is a company which specializes in Drupal and is a very fine place to go when thinking about the pluses and minuses of Drupal to build your website.)

This is as far as we will take this post for now. Hopefully, you will see where this website is headed and, also, what else we need to put here. Our hope is that some will join with knowledge and experience in the varied and myriad pieces of software and be willing to join and share what they know.

There are many so-called software sites out there but few are attempting to drill down and show what will or will not work for the “average” webmaster. This is the ground floor of this website and those who join will help thousands of people who are just taking up the plethora of scripts without a reference for help in making their decisions. If we can help them by citing our knowledge it will be filling a huge gap and save so much time for others. That is our goal. It is a big job but together we can make this “the” place to come when trying to decide.